Many families in the Arab region are living on the margins of survival because of what wars and conflicts have left over, resulting in the loss of their breadwinners. Their deprivation, loss, poverty and decline in their standards of living have negatively affected their quality of life as well, which urged them to wait for a generous supporter to uplift them from marginality and secure a dignified life according to international standards

A Story of a Human

Despite their pain and out of the scourge of wars and conflicts, many families that lost their breadwinners are facing the bitter complexities of life.
We will listen several stories of suffering of persons who witnessed the oppressive conflicts in their countries, representing the voice of distressed, refugees and conflict-affected around the world and listening to other stories told by women who were strongly able to overcome the adversities they faced.
We will also represent success stories of women from different countries that suffered wars and Disasters.

A Story of Development

Development also helps generations to rise and to eliminate all the shapes of conflicts among societies, by which Ghirass strives to achieve through adopting development, education, health and relief projects. And in a world of human rights globalization, “Stories Narrated” Forum 2019 comes to discuss, with the participation of Development and Quality of Life experts, the new theories that showcase women development and empowerment, which also highlights the important role of media in achieving Sustainable Development and accessing pivotal ways to enhance the Quality of Life of families.

A Story of Quality

At a time when the standards of Quality of Life has changed among developed societies and Arab societies and bounced around to responsibilities and burdens, the idea of sustainable development was then a subject of discussion as a planned evolutionary change to advance the Quality of Life of families, to enhance their lives and to produce a better future visions to achieve all aspects of quality.

A Story of a Nation

Solidarity among nations has been appeared through substantial international initiatives launched by several development organization to help those who took refuge and fled conflicts. “Stories Narrated” will discuss these international initiatives to support those refugees and besieged, and its apparent impact in achieving sustainable development and the total evolutionary advancement of Quality of life for refugees and societies that suffer critical conflicts.
This pillar will showcase successful stories of countries that supported many women-headed households in the areas of wars and conflicts.

Date and Place of The Forum

Our forum is on: