About The Forum


Many families in the Arab region are living on the margins of survival because of what wars and conflicts have left over, resulting in the loss of their breadwinners. Their deprivation, loss, poverty and decline in their standards of living have negatively affected their quality of life as well, which urged them to wait for a generous supporter to uplift them from marginality and secure a dignified life according to international standards. The need of achieving a satisfactory quality of life for women-headed household will be translated into announcing the holding the second family life forum 2019 "Stories Narrated" that shall continue with the fruits of the first family life forum 2016 "Breaking Point". "Stories Narrated" is an international humanitarian forum that will highlight the suffering and complexities faced by families that lost their breadwinners and its marked decline on their quality of life. The forum will also join mutual efforts to help those women-headed households to overcome complexities faced by them by developing and empowering women as family heads.

The Idea of The Forum


Stories Narrated” is an international humanitarian Forum on the quality of life of the family, especially women-headed households in communities affected by war and asylum. It seeks to achieve a satisfactory and dignified life for this group by promoting sustainable economic, social and cultural development of society to make the present and future world more secure, peaceful, just and prosperous.

Why The Forum

Conflicts in our region have been negatively impacting several refugee and affected families, where it was essential of Ghirass to help those families, especially those who lost their breadwinners, to start a more dignified life, and rise them step by step to bring back their quality of life. Ghirass, through "Stories Narrated" will highlight the suffering of women-headed households, believing that mobilization efforts and experience exchange among development specialists will launch substantial initiatives that shall enhance the quality of life for families.

 Conference Objectives:

To contribute effectively in enhancing the quality of life of the families that lost their breadwinners in the conflict areas, through providing funding opportunities for development projects.
To highlight the obvious gap among communities in which families that lack a breadwinner suffer low quality of life in comparison with communities with high quality of life standards.
To build partnerships among various specialist organizations and therefore improving the quality of life of women-headed households in conflict areas. 
To highlight the negative effects of war and conflicts on the quality of life of families.
To showcase successful experiences of countries that apply quality standards to its citizens, as well as supporting war-affected countries through humanitarian and development initiatives.