About Ghirass

About Ghirass

Ghirass was founded with a lofty objective of growing goodness and enlightening every corner and opportunity to help and support. Ghirass does not know any bound for goodness nor limits for giving, but it even seeks to go beyond with the humanitarian values. 

Every potential we are armed with and every support we receive is only dedicated to those who are deprived of the least meaning of a decent life, because they are the only reason why we Grow Goodness.

Ghirass is a Lebanese non-profit humanitarian organization. It was founded in 2012 under the decree number 2093 as a result of the dire social need that calls for supporting, rehabilitating and meeting families and society needs in order to formulate a strong societal and developmental bond.

Our Ambitions 

Ghirass strives to develop society by adopting active participation of woman and family in the process of society development through several specialist programs that shall:

Rising and uplifting the deprived and marginalized families to perform their natural role in developing their societies.

Achieving the principle of family integration by launching special projects and programs to support and empower the needy.

Consolidating woman's social and cultural role to take the lead in creating society.

Promoting human rights principles in line with the principles of international conventions, international laws, to establish a complete and balanced model based on equality and impartiality.

Establishing training, academic, educational and development social service centers.

Training creative personnel, and developing the capacities of talented and graduate students.

Making a new generation of youth leaders and initiators that believe in establishing productive development projects.